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2:04 From: richardcbrooks

The worldwide demand for raw materials such as wood and paper reaches the remotest areas, considering ... »»

International Rivers

7:23 From: glennswitkes

For ages humans rely on rivers as their life veins. They served as ways of ... »»

Anita Roddick

0:50 From: friendsoftheearth

Anita Roddik: founder of „The Bodyshop“, the first NGO, running its own shops and production ... »»

Oxfam – Make Trade Fair

0:53 From: drt7uk

Influenced by values and standards the market situation always reflects the state ... »»

Al Gore

2:30 From: FallenAngels94

Touring without pay after the scandalous outcome of the 2000 United States presidential election with ... »»

Apollo Energy Project

13:45 From: Politicstv

To do things in a big way, this unique American virtue, is admired the ... »»

Carlo Petrini & Slow Food

01:41 From: cookingupastory

No matter what topic you are going for, the most exquisite »»

Muhammad Yunus and the idea of microcredit

2:44 From: TheGreenChildren

The stunning success and brilliant idea of microcredit is inextricably ... »»

Fair Trade Tourism

4:50 From: tomtravelman

The concept of Fair Trade Tourism aims to provide wide-ranging benefits to the local ... »»

George Clooney’s campaign for the UN peacekeeping operation in Darfur

2:31 From: TheNewsMarket

To charter an aircraft and to ... »»